Free Wellness Plans in Winter Haven FL

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Cypress Chiropractic and Wellness offers several wellness plans in Winter Haven FL, completely free of charge.

12 Days of Stretching in Winter Haven FL

Chiropractic Winter Haven FL 12 Days of Stretching

This program goes through various stretching exercises that will target different or multiple areas while providing information on the importance of stretching and how to safely, correctly, and effectively stretch.

7-Day Detox

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This plan helps jump start your healthy eating journey or provides a reset for you. Provided are meal plans that inspire and help the detox process.

Rainbow Diet Reset

Chiropractic Winter Haven FL Rainbow Diet

The basis of this educational plan is not to learn how to limit calories, carbs, or certain types of food, but to instead learn the benefits of being inclusive of all sorts of colorful fruits and vegetables. All the different colors of fruits and vegetables contain different phytonutrients with different functions that provide numerous health benefits.

Basic Walking Plan

Chiropractic Winter Haven FL Basic Walking Plan

This walking schedule based on guidelines from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the National Physical Activity Guidelines can start you on the path to better fitness and health.

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